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The Society uses its resources for coordinating repeaters and spectrum management in Texas so that there may be as interference free as possible VHF-UHF operations. This is quite a job and takes many hours of work and dollars to achieve. The coordinators are all volunteers and the funds used in their efforts come directly from the dues and memberships of the Society.

Becoming a member of the Society is easy. Membership costs only $15.00 per year or $300.00 for a lifetime membership. One can become a member by sending a membership form to the Society with the correct amount of funds, or use our PayPal check out.

Persons who are trustees of repeaters are especially encouraged to become members of the Society, as the Society is the recognized repeater coordination body for Texas.

Membership applications and all membership questions can be directed to the Society.


Please send membership applications to:
Treasurer - Texas VHF-FM Society, P.O. Box 82666, Austin, Texas 78708
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