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 Waiting List Questions & Answers

Q1. What is the waiting list and why is it needed? Answer: The coordination process is a first come first served process where frequencies are assigned when construction permit applications are received as long as there are frequencies available to assign. The Coordination Standards have certain criteria for geographic spacing to minimize interference between adjacent systems on the same frequency. When geographic spacing, antenna height, or ERP do not allow additional coordination's to be issued, the trustee is placed on the frequency coordination waiting list for the zone in which the application was submitted.

Q2. How do I get on the waiting list? Answer: Trustees will be placed on the waiting list if it is determined that no frequencies are available for assignment for the requested band. A completed construction permit application is required before a trustee will be placed on the waiting list.

Q3. How will I know if I am on the waiting list? Answer: You will be contacted within 30 days of submitting your construction permit application. If a frequency is available, you will be assigned a construction permit for the available frequency. If a frequency is not available, you will be notified and placed on the waiting list for a period of one year. The waiting lists for all zones will be published on a regular basis on the website or in the Texas VHF-FM Society News.

Q4. Do I need to renew my construction permit application? Answer: In order to remain on the waiting list, you will need to renew your construction permit application on a yearly basis by contacting your zone coordinator. Construction permit applications that are not renewed will be removed from the waiting list. This is done to ensure the waiting list information remains current.

Q5. What if the technical parameters of my site change from my original construction permit application? Answer: As with any construction permit application, the zone coordinator must be notified if any technical data (site coordinates, tower height, ERP, etc..) changes from the original construction permit application. Construction permits are only valid for the information as listed on the original application. Since repeaters are coordinated primarily by geographic spacing, it is critical that all construction permit applications be kept up to date.

Q6. In what order is the waiting list filled? Answer: The zone coordinators begin with the first trustee on the waiting list. If there is a repeater frequency available for the requested band that fits the necessary geographic spacing and technical requirements, the first person on the list will be assigned the available frequency. However, if the available pair does not fit the necessary geographic spacing requirements, the zone coordinator will move to the second person on the list. This process will continue down the list until the available frequency can be assigned. The key point is that just because a trustee is #1 on the waiting list does not necessarily mean they will be the first person to receive a frequency. As discussed above, the list will be filled on the basis of current construction permit applications on the waiting list which fit the necessary geographic spacing requirements.

Example: The map below illustrates a typical situation when the waiting list will not be filled in chronological order due to geographical spacing requirements. Trustees A (2m repeater in Alice, TX) and B (2m repeater in Goliad, TX) both have coordinated repeaters on the same frequency. They are currently spaced 70 miles apart. Trustee B has a lightening hit at his site and decides not to rebuild his repeater. He relinquishes his coordination to the zone 3 frequency coordinator. The zone 3 coordinator has two trustees on a waiting list for 2m. Trustee C is first on the list and Trustee D is second on the list. In this case, the construction permit application of trustee D will be filled first even though trustee C is first on the waiting list. The permit for trustee C cannot be filled first because of the 70 mile co-channel spacing requirement.

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